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The Rockwell Designs SMG rig is purpose built to fit a variety of PCC/SMG magazines in a a low-profile, low weight configuration.


Retention on the magazines is phenomenal; for those looking for a little extra retention we have bungees/mag tab kits available here

Gothic SMG Chest Rig

Out of Stock

    • Compatible with all PCC/SMG sized magazines including but not limited to: KP9/KR9/Vityaz, MP5, SIG MPX, CZ Scorpion, Glock, UZI, MAC10/11, etc.
    • Straps and side buckles can be removed for rig to be utilized as a plate carrier placard
    • 6 and 8 Magazine Variants
    • Mag cells can fit NAR CAT-TQs
    • Compatible with hanger/dangler/sack style velcro pouches and 1”FASTEX buckles
    • Berry-Compliant, Milspec Material sourced from reuputable manufacturers
    • Includes Rig, shoulder straps, and back strap. Magazines and other accessories not included.
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