The Porter Chest Rack fills the gap between low-visibility chest rigs and a full LBE set-up. This rack has the ability to carry a full combat load of six magazines with the use of its integrated elastic retention system. Can be worn standalone, over a slick plate carrier or under a rucksack comfortably thanks to it's 1/8" padded straps. Enough padding to make a loaded rack comfortable without excess bulk.

Porter Chest Rack MKII - 7.62x51 Series

SKU: 308
    • Compatible with G3/FAL/M14/SCAR/308 magazines
    • Mil-Spec Ranger Green color with Coyote Tan buckles
    • Six mag capacity
    • Two Integrated tourniquet sleeves
    • Two 2x2 MOLLE fields
    • Loop-velcro lined 7x5 admin pouch behind front mag panel
    • Compatible with dangler/sack type pouches and 1" ITW Nexus FAST buckles
    • Made in the USA with Berry compliant material
    • Includes Porter Chest Rack, one set of two shoulder straps, back strap, and six shock cord/pull-tab magazine retention devices. DOES NOT INCLUDE MAGAZINES.